Into The New Year

Hey Gumshoes,

2016 has been a momentous year for the The Big Frozen Gumshoe. We completed editing and picture locked the film over the summer, as well as found our composer and completed our original music. We’re continuing to work on additional post production elements such as our sound design and visual effects. We will continue to work on these aspects of The Big Frozen Gumshoe into the new year. Filmmaking is an arduous journey where regardless of how much preparation you put in, there will always be unforeseen obstacles in your way. We are as committed as ever to making The Big Frozen Gumshoe the best it can be.

Shelby, Josh, and I have been on this journey since 2014 when we first pitched our script. Making this movie has been more challenging and rewarding than we ever could have imagined. We’d like to thank all of our Kickstarter backers for helping us bring this film to life. To our friends and family, we’d like to say thank you for always being here to support us.

Shelby, Josh, and Kat on the day of their project pitch. (2014)

We hope you’ll continue following along with our film here on our website or on our social media pages.

Happy Holidays!


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