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Detective Richard D. Dick is a 1940’s private investigator who is mysteriously frozen for sixty-nine years. He defrosts in the modern world where he haplessly attempts to solve the case that put him on ice.


Detective Richard D. Dick, a 1940’s private investigator, is within spitting distance of unravelling a major caper. When Dick gets too close to piecing together the pie, he’s frozen in time by a mysterious stranger.

Sixty-nine years later, Detective Dick defrosts in the modern age. He’s thrust into our strange, new, technological world in his hapless pursuit to uncover who put him on ice. The defrosted detective reopens the cold case and is hot on the trail of new leads as Dick attempts to crack the biggest nut he’s ever faced, the case of The Big Frozen Gumshoe.


On December 11th, 2014 Kat Brady (Director/Co-Writer/Editor), Josh Brady (Producer/Co-Writer), and Shelby Halberg (Director of Photography) pitched the script for The Big Frozen Gumshoe as part of the Student Feature Film Initiative for Palm Beach State College’s Film Department. The winning team gets to independently produce their script and the college provides them with equipment as well as guidance from the professional staff. Their project was selected and production was officially underway.


Story Featured in the Palm Beach State News Center

“Alumni’s Feature Film Leads to Festivals and Careers”  We’re excited to share this article about the making of The Big Frozen Gumshoe which was published in the Palm Beach State College News Center. We were proud to talk about all of the accomplishments and career successes our film department crew members have found since Gumshoe […]

The Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival

The Big Frozen Gumshoe is an official selection of the Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival! We are extremely excited to attend the festival which will be held in April 2019. We will have more information next month regarding screening dates and tickets.

World Premiere Festival

The Big Frozen Gumshoe is an official selection of the Orlando Film Festival. It will make its world premiere in October 2018.