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Detective Richard D. Dick (Gregg Goldsbury) is a 1940’s P.I. within spitting distance of unravelling a major caper. With Dick close to unraveling the next big clue, he’s frozen in time by a mysterious stranger.

Sixty-nine years later, Detective Dick defrosts in our strange technological world. With the help of his unwitting sidekick Kid (Braden Bullard) the defrosted detective reopens the cold case and is hot on the trail of new leads as the duo attempt to crack the biggest nut they’ve ever faced, the slightly absurd case of The Big Frozen Gumshoe.


On December 11th, 2014 Kat Brady (Director/Co-Writer/Editor), Josh Brady (Producer/Co-Writer), and Shelby Halberg (Director of Photography) pitched the script for The Big Frozen Gumshoe as part of the Student Feature Film Initiative for Palm Beach State College Motion Picture, Digital Animation & Recording Arts Department . The winning team gets to independently produce their script and the college provides them with equipment as well as guidance from the professional staff. Their project was selected and production was officially underway.

Thank you for checking out our big little film!